How to make Braun Clean & Renew cleaning solution

This guide will allow you to make your own Braun Clean & Renew cleaning solution that will replace any Braun CCR2 or CCR3 products. The cleaning solution states the ingredients as “Alcohol Denat” and “Perfume” (170ml). “Alchol Denat” is just denatured alcohol (with a substance added to make the solution undrinkable). All rubbing alcohol is denatured. A 500ml bottle of rubbing alcohol is about $3. You can make about 3 cartridges worth of solutions with that amount!

Here are the ingredients and quantities used:

• 500 ml bottle of 70% Rubbing Alcohol
• 42 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
• 5 drops of Blue Food Coloring (Optional)

Note: Keep the original cap of the cleaning cartridge for the purpose of cleaning. However, if you thrown away the cap, shaking the cartridge less vigorously will work as well.

1. Clean the cartridge. Fill the cartridge with water, shake thoroughly and drain. Remember to drain out of the smaller hole. The larger one has a filter on it an will impede the flow of water. Repeat the process 3 more times. If you notice any debris left over on the sides of the cartridge, you can further clean the cartridge by adding 4 drops of liquid dish soap and water. Shake the cartridge a few times and drain. Repeat this process few more times.

2. When the cartridge is cleaned to your satisfaction, add clean water to the cartridge and shake. Repeat the process a few times to make sure all the soap is drained. Let the cartridge dry for 4 hours.

3. Fill the cartridge 3/4th of the way with rubbing alcohol. If you overfill, the cartridge indicator light might show up as “Empty”. Then add in 42 drops of the lemon essential oil in. Finally you can add in 5 drops of the blue food coloring in if you would like to replicate Braun’s solution entirely.

The total cost of 500 ml Rubbing Alcohol ($3), 15 ml Lemon Essential Oil ($4) and 28 ml Blue Food Coloring ($3). Grand total: $10. Plus you will have enough lemon essential oil and blue food coloring left over 10 more cartridges. You just need to purchase more rubbing alcohol.

How’s that for saving money and the environment!

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